Forging a Path Through Your Life’s Transitions

Our clients come to us because they are facing a life transition and want assistance in navigating it. They may have been doing their finances on their own or had an advisor who wasn’t able to help them make the transition. They want fiduciary advisors with the expertise to help them seamlessly move into this new phase of life.

Some of the situations we help chart a course for include:



Whether you see retirement on the horizon or it has already arrived, you probably are feeling a bit of urgency. You may have concerns, such as whether you will outlive your money, and a multitude of questions, like how to turn your retirement savings into a monthly paycheck. You probably have bucket list goals too and wonder if they are financially feasible.

We want you to feel confident that you will be okay in retirement—and yes, have some fun too. We will work one-on-one with you to create a comprehensive financial plan to address needs such as:

  • Cash flow and budgeting

  • When to begin taking Social Security benefits

  • How much to withdraw from your investment accounts

  • How to leave a legacy that minimizes taxes

  • Potential needs for health care and long-term care



An inheritance or other financial windfall brings the potential to make long-held goals or financial independence possible. However, you may lack the expertise to implement the financial strategies that can make the most of your inheritance, and you may be struggling with emotional complexities, such as a desire to use the money according to the deceased’s values.

We will take the time to discover your goals, both new and long held, and craft a comprehensive financial plan to prudently address needs such as:

  • The steps to accomplish your objectives

  • Ways to protect and grow your windfall

  • How to minimize taxes

  • The balance between spending and savings

  • How to honor your loved one’s wishes


Single Again

Whether you find yourself single again due to divorce or the death of a spouse, you may be facing one of the most challenging times of your life. Not only are you dealing with the emotional component of moving forward, you may be feeling anxious about your financial security.

You need clarity—clarity about your financial situation and how you can use your resources to create a new vision of your future. We will work with you to find the clarity you need, as well as peace of mind that you can and will rebuild. Our comprehensive financial planning will address needs such as:

  • How to determine the optimal course forward

  • Cash flow and budgeting

  • Tax-efficient ways to maximize your income

  • How to save for the future, including retirement

  • Potential needs for health care and long-term care


Caring for Adult Children and Elderly Parents

You may have heard of the “sandwich generation”—those coping with the dual challenges of caring for elderly parents and meeting the financial needs of adult or near-adult children. If this is you, or if it could be you soon, you may be feeling overwhelmed and uncertain that you can help your family without sacrificing your retirement.

Our team will take the time to understand your seemingly conflicting goals and build a realistic financial plan to help relieve the financial pressure of taking care of your family and saving for your future. We will address needs such as:

  • Cash flow and budgeting

  • How much to save for retirement and other goals

  • How to help your children pay for college

  • Steps to take care of your parents

  • Potential needs for health care and long-term care