2019 Economic Outlook


Will the new tax rules mean you owe less or more to the IRS? Will we continue riding a stock market roller-coaster? What do key indicators say about the direction of our economy?

Take a look at our 2019 Economic Outlook presentation. Presented by Stephen Biggs, HC financial Advisors’ Chief Investment Officer and Principal, the presentation explored the impact of economic and political trends and potential ways to minimize the downside and capitalize on the upside.

Steve presented:

  • A recap of 2018 and the effects today

  • The economic and political landscape

  • How to respond to stock market downturns

  • What the key economic indicators show

  • The impact of changing tax regulations

About Stephen Biggs, CFP®, CFA, CAIA, MS

Steve has had a lifelong interest in the stock market. In college, he embraced his vocation by working as an intern for asset managers and equity research organizations. He subsequently built a career that included service as an equity research analyst for the State of Montana Board of Investments and as analyst/co-manager for the Wells Fargo Growth Fund at Wells Capital Management (Wells Fargo).

Today at HC Financial Advisors, Steve appreciates the change from working at a pension fund or institutional investment firm. Here, he works much more closely with clients to build diversified portfolios that help meet their needs. He applies an institutional level of risk management that clients would not otherwise have had access to.

If you are interested in receiving a copy of the slides from the presentation, please email us at info@hcfinancial.com.