Experienced Financial Planners and Investment Managers

We founded HC Financial Advisors to help clients navigate the transitions and stages of their lives. A Bay Area investment management and financial planning firm, we draw on the expertise and experience of our financial professionals to help you feel confident that you are on the right path. We round out this expertise and experience with a commitment to serving you as an independent, fee-only Registered Investment Advisory firm that always puts your best interests first.


Our Team

Karla McAvoy, CFP®, MBA

Chief Compliance Officer | Senior Financial Advisor | Principal

Growing up, Karla McAvoy had wanted to be a doctor. She soon realized that she was too squeamish for the profession; however, her career as a financial advisor has still allowed her to tend to people’s well-being.

Stephen Biggs, CFP®, CFA, CAIA, MS

Chief Investment Officer | Principal

Ask Steve Biggs if he can recall a time when he wasn’t interested in the stock market, and the answer will be no. Steve’s interest has been lifelong, with his first stock purchase made more than 30 years ago from the money he made delivering pizzas.

Andy Byron, CFP®, MBA

President | Senior Financial Advisor | Principal

Andy Byron is passionate about getting people to dream big and then building the financial plan that helps them achieve those dreams. Over the course of his career, he has seen the profound impact that a robust financial plan can have for clients.

Abby Hasling, CFP®

Financial Advisor

Abby Hasling is a financial guide for her clients, helping them navigate their life stages alongside the financial planning process. She works with clients to define their objectives and then crafts the strategies that help them effectively use their resources to meet those goals.

DeAnne Cardona, CMFC®

Operations Manager

As our Operations Manager, DeAnne combines market experience and proactive service in meeting our clients’ needs. She also assists our Chief Investment Officer with trading, as she has longtime experience in investment markets.

Lili Lam, FPQP™

Operations Associate

Lili Lam works with our Operations Manager to meet a diverse array of client needs. She handles back-office responsibilities such as setting up new accounts and transfers, and serves as an assistant to our financial advisors.

Gabriel Walters, CRPC®

Client Service Representative

As I searched to find the perfect career, I decided to merge two of my passions, helping people and continuing my education in the financial markets. I could not be happier with my decision. After spending time with a few other firms, I found a home at HC Financial.

Jean Brusher

Office Manager

Jean Brusher has been the ideal office manager since she started working with us. She has combined a background in communications with a keen eye for organization to provide an office environment that runs without a hitch.

Jane Lang, MBA

Client Service Representative

As our Client Service Representative, Jane Lang is crucial to meeting our clients’ varied service needs. She is also essential to meeting our firm’s internal and operational functions.